Sunday, August 29, 2010

Better times...

So July was crappy in many aspects of my life but August showed some turn around. I'm in better spirits right now even with some lingering issues that will hopefully will be resolved soon enough.  I would like to thank my family, friends, and loved ones for showing their concern and care for me. It really made my problems easier to deal with having such a great support system. You guys truly mean the world to me and I appreciate every bit of it.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, starting September things will be almost at stand still besides a few rescheduled shoots. I will only participate in paid shoots, fashion shows, or publishable work. Meanwhile I'm going to start focusing on my design projects and hopefully get some pieces done by October. Hopefully I will have a site up and running by the end of the year.

If you guys would like to work with me, feel free to contact me but just be aware of my situation.

Again thank you again to those who were showing their concern for me. I feel fortunate to have kind people in my life as it hasn't always been that way.



Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dark July

Well my summer started off awesome in June. But a series of terrible events occurred in July for me affecting my life in many ways including my modeling. I apologize for the lack of updates due to all of this.

I have some schedule shoots coming up in August and September. However I will stress that starting September, I can no longer participate in TF shoots unless you travel to me or you provide wardrobe along with props as well as gas compensation. Gas compensation for any shoots is highly appreciated.
My monthly budget for shoots has completely shrunk down to almost nothing and therefore I cannot afford TF even if I wanted to. My rates are reasonable and I'm willing to negotiate. I'm truly sorry to those photographers who cannot themselves afford to pay models. Many of you are my friends and others I simply want to work with for their great talents. But unfortunately right now I'm in a tough spot in my life and I have to focus whats more important.

In the mean time, I will experiment with my own photography and hopefully have the funds to continue my other creative projects.

Life is a roller coaster and right now its all down hill.

la fin,


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Great shoots so far .. more to come this summer!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been so busy traveling everywhere and working.

Recently had some great shoots. Did another shoot with Brittany Taylor and had my makeup done by Lauren OJea who definitely is one of the best I've worked with. The makeup looked killer. Unfortunately it had to rain during the shoot so it was cut short but regardless we were able to pull off some awesome photos and I will post them very soon.

Also did a shoot yesterday with Lauren Farrington again out in Amherst. We did some nin-related concepts as well as some steam punk. I'm psyched to see the photos as I put a lot of effort with the outfits, accessories, and concept in general. I hope to find the time to continue making accessories and little wardrobe pieces and props but with work hours being extensive during the summer it will be a challenge for sure.

In the fall starting September I will be booking only a few shoots a month doing paid work or work to showcase some of my creations. TF will be very limited and reserved for those who have been contacting me the past months and I haven't had the chance to fit into my busy schedule. I apologize to those who couldn't fit into my summer dates. My schedule fills up rather quickly once I start booking. If you would like to work with me in the fall, contact me in August.

Take care and look out for more photos soon,


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So far my Spring/Summer modeling has been on a great start. Shot with Dustin early in May, and then with Kris Rodammer a week later. We did some sick post-apocalyptic high fashion editorial type of stuff. Michelle Connolly did my hair and makeup! She's super talented, professional, and quick.  Can't wait to process the photos and post them up. I have an upcoming shoot with Christopher Lee Donovan who I have been a fan for years now. His photoshop skills definitely blows my mind. I'm also working from time to time with my boy Kilo Alexander. Check out his work! He's a fantastic band photographer and I recommend him for any project! More shoots in June, July and August as well! Can't wait!

In the meantime I'm hoping to have some time if any to play around with photography, clothing and accessory design, and perhaps my website.

I'm also probably taking a week off sometime the end of July or beginning of August. Hope to book a few shots during that time to some awaiting photographers.

Anyways look out for new photos soon!



Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I'm done with traveling for now. Been playing catch up with errands and school. Found some new happiness in my life. Now its time to get back into modeling for the summer.

This Saturday I look forward to working with Dustin Genereux. Its been a long time coming and I know we will produce some sweet images.

May is pretty much booked up. I'm currently scheduling for June and July right now. I plan on doing mostly outdoor work but I do have some indoor concepts. I've been collecting random wardrobe pieces and props whenever I see some good deals. Currently I want to do more steampunk, post-apocalyptic, and military themed editorial or creative work. Of course I enjoy working with wardrobe designers and stylists. I also hope to do more duo shoots so models let me know if you would like to work together some time.

If time permits, I will try to create some pieces along with my yarn falls.

Look out for new shots soon and feel free to contact me about shooting this summer!

Au revoir,


Monday, April 5, 2010


Hey all,

I had a lovely shoot with the talented Brittanny Taylor this past Saturday. It was a collaboration with a fantastic fashion designer Cyrahn and makeup/hair stylist Miss Carnage. I really was glad to be a part of this shoot as I enjoy working with others. I look forward to the shots and hope to post them when I return the end of this month or in May.

So May is coming up soon and I have some shoots booked. I do have some dates available but June as of now is wide open. Feel free to contact me if interested in working together. As I state on model mayhem I'm partipating in limited TF*.

Because of the nicer weather, I want to do mostly outdoor shoots. I'm not interested in studio work unless you have access to a nice set.

I look forward to a fun summer of creative collaborations!

Au revoir,


Monday, March 8, 2010

Short break

Hello all.

I had a fun weekend shooting with a couple of awesome photographers. Saturday I was able to work with the talented Krystal of Cannibalized once again. We did a little bit of steam punk and a little bit of horror and the pictures are amazing as always.

Sunday I worked with Michael of In Balance Photography, who is also a pleasure to work with. We did some spider inspired concepts and something fun at the end. I'm excited to play around with some of the photos in photoshop. 

I will be posting the shots soon as I post photos in chronological order. Due to errors on modelmayhem and work, I'm a bit behind in posting photos.  So I apologize to photographers in advance for the slow uploads. But soon enough the pics will be displayed on mm and my other sites.

From now til May, I will be doing one or two shoots if that. I'm done for this month and I might have something planned in April that I'm looking forward to. But otherwise with some big travels plans, I will be away on the weekends. So when contacting me please keep this in mind.

When I return to a busy shooting schedule in May, I definitely want to take advantage of the nice weather and do some on location shooting but of course if you have a cool indoor location or furniture in mind, I would be happy to work with that as well.

Here are some the themes I'm interested for the spring and summer as of now:

dark romance
steam punk
post apocalypic
military "goth" fashion

I have other ideas as well that don't really fall into any of these categories. But if you have some cool props, locations, or wardrobe that match any of these themes, let me know, I also love to collaborate and do anything creative and unique.

Take care,