Friday, October 23, 2009

Conceptual ideas

I have a long list of conceptual ideas I want to start working on next month. Many of them involve some specific editing styles. Some are inspired by song lyrics, emotions, movie scenes and quotes. Conceptual meaning not just a simple photo of me doing a pose nor a theme photo that you often see in my port. Some of these ideas are a bit beyond reality and more on the artistic side of things.   These concepts should speak a certain message rather than another photo added to my portfolio. I did something like this with one of my favorite photographers Cannibalized for my Broken Time concept.

Anyways if you are someone who would like to work with me on some of these that would be great. Often these ideas involve a lot of communication and collaboration to really get the concept down.  Some of the concepts are rather simple and others involve either a lot scenery, makeup, wardrobe or editing. Feel free to shoot me a message if interested.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cutting done

I had an awesome shoot with Images by Darkside. Didn't use any blood but the photos rock without it. Currently I'm trying to post a bunch of photos in chronological order. But you will see some of these soon enough.

Unfortunately due to some financial troubles, I have to cut the number of TF I do the next couple of months. My rates are very reasonable and a portion will be used toward the shoot. Travel expenses are also highly appreciated.

Besides being paid though, I would like to participate in more elaborate projects with several people such as hair and wardrobe stylists. I have done this in the past and its a lot of fun and the photos almost always come out super awesome. I have a ton of ideas in mind, in fact 9 pages now but they involve very sophisticated wardrobe, props, locations, etc. If you are interested, let me know and we can work together on some of my ideas as well as yours.

Also because of the cold season rapidly approaching, I understand most of us will be back in the studio. But if you have some furniture pieces, props, or indoor locations you have access to that would be awesome. Also if you have anything unusual, let me know. I'm pretty good at thinking of an idea on the fly and sometimes the weirdest things make awesome props for a shoot.

Finally if you are willing to travel to me or are only minutes away, I'm willing to do TF as long as we have some good ideas in mind and the work will add to my portfolio. Of course if we have worked in the past for TF, I will be happy to do it again.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Maine Part 2

Off to Maine again to shoot with Images by Darkside . Looking forward to it!  Its a long drive but because I use to go there every summer as a kid for vacation it brings back nice memories and the scenery is beautiful. I think after my shoot I might just drive to a few spots and enjoy it while I can.

We're going to play with some blood and glamour. It will be a fun time! Going to play with the hair a little bit as well!

Look for photos soon!

Monday, October 12, 2009


 I know a lot of people are wondering why I haven't posted their pics yet. Its simply because I'm busy. My life has been so hectic lately between photoshoots and research. I have crazy 12 hr shifts during the week and by the time I get home I pass out. And then more shoots on the weekends. I have a ton of edits to catch up on as well. Somewhere among the madness I try to go out a little and enjoy myself but I don't have much time for that either. Its to the point where my family, boss, and friends are worried about me. Luckily at the end of this month I'm taking a week off to just relax a little bit, do some chores, and hopefully catch up with everything else. I do have some shoots scheduled but at least I will be well rested. After that in November and December I'm planning on doing very limited amount of shoots unless its paid and/or will add absolutely amazing shots to my portfolio. So if you want to do TF, please feel free to shoot me a message but also keep that in mind. I would like to hear your ideas or your feedback on any of mine.

Eyeful Beauty Hair Fashion Show

Saturday night I was part of the Eyeful Beauty Hair Fashion show in Lowell at Jaded. I was quite exhausted from traveling from Maine from my shoot with Eyeball Imagery and still was feeling ill but I still had a lot of fun. Christina who did my hair and makeup did an amazing job.

There was also a jewelery designer there who made some awesome stuff. I hope to do more shoots with crazy hair and makeup. Hair is always challenging for me and I often throw on a wig or a pair of hair falls but I would like to do some more teased out hair.  If you are a hair stylist reading this or know some hair stylists who would like to work together on some projects that would be a lot of fun.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I'm just giving this blog thing a try. Check in for updates related to my modeling.