Monday, January 4, 2010

The New Year: 2010

Hello. Thanks for reading my blog. As many of you probably have noticed, I have not been very active online the past weeks during my winter break. Between catching up with friends, doing a couple of shoots, holiday related activities, and organizing my place, I had little to no time to really spend time on the computer editing or updating any of my sites. 

I still have some more work to do organizing my extensive wardrobe, props, accessories, etc, etc. Its amazing how much stuff I have accumulated during my two years of modeling. A lot of memories of shoots and fun times were remembered.

I did two shoots during my break one with my pal Brian James out in Methuen and one out in Amherst with Lauren Farrington. Brian is always fun to work with. He's very good with makeup and even hair. We did some awesome conceptual ideas. Lauren is a sweetheart. We were able to use a cool location and did a couple of concepts. I don't want to give too much away so look out for the photos!

For this New Year, I hope to continue working with the photographers I have formed nice relationships with and have really added a lot to my portfolio. I also would like to work with new photographers or people I have not yet worked with. I really wish I could travel outside of New England but being a poor grad student that isn't possible. But if someone is willing to pay for it all, I'm down for it of course.

As for scheduling, it will be very limited for the next several months until Spring. I will make a separate blog soon on scheduling, ideas, and so on.

Happy New Years!



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