Sunday, January 10, 2010

The New Year and what I want to do with it...

The past few months I haven't done a lot of scheduling like I have been in the past due to several reasons.  I will be picking up the modeling when Spring rolls in. I have some expensive plans in March and April which will mean I have to limit the number of TF* shoots I do in those months.

During that time and thereafter, I'm mostly interested in elaborate projects based on my ideas, a collaboration project, or an idea the photographer would like to have me be a part of. I still have many ideas I want to try out but they involve a lot of props, wardrobe, makeup, etc. I prefer doing something like that with someone I have already worked with because at least I know how we work together. Also I would like to schedule something like that months in advance in order to bring together all the necessary pieces.

As for photographers I have never worked with, I usually try my best to still come up with interesting ideas based on the wardrobe and props I have on hand. I have a huge collection of stuff and can manage a spontaneous idea that will work. However I also like to hear the photographer's creative input. Also if the photographer has a cool location, props, or wardrobe I can definitely develop a solid plan of ideas.

I'm still interested in working with wardrobe stylists and designers, hair stylists and so on for some fun projects. Also I enjoy doing fashion shows and have done plenty in the past.

Currently I'm editing and processing some photos from recent shoots and hope to have them all posted on my sites soon enough. Check out my deviant art page for my extensive portfolio. I also hope to redo my website, develop a separate facebook account, and other online projects I'm currently working on. Finally whenever I have the time, I'm creating wardrobe pieces, accessories, and props which I hope to spend more time doing and make use of in my shoots.

Feel free to contact me on my model mayhem with questions or about setting something up.

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