Friday, October 23, 2009

Conceptual ideas

I have a long list of conceptual ideas I want to start working on next month. Many of them involve some specific editing styles. Some are inspired by song lyrics, emotions, movie scenes and quotes. Conceptual meaning not just a simple photo of me doing a pose nor a theme photo that you often see in my port. Some of these ideas are a bit beyond reality and more on the artistic side of things.   These concepts should speak a certain message rather than another photo added to my portfolio. I did something like this with one of my favorite photographers Cannibalized for my Broken Time concept.

Anyways if you are someone who would like to work with me on some of these that would be great. Often these ideas involve a lot of communication and collaboration to really get the concept down.  Some of the concepts are rather simple and others involve either a lot scenery, makeup, wardrobe or editing. Feel free to shoot me a message if interested.

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