Monday, October 12, 2009


 I know a lot of people are wondering why I haven't posted their pics yet. Its simply because I'm busy. My life has been so hectic lately between photoshoots and research. I have crazy 12 hr shifts during the week and by the time I get home I pass out. And then more shoots on the weekends. I have a ton of edits to catch up on as well. Somewhere among the madness I try to go out a little and enjoy myself but I don't have much time for that either. Its to the point where my family, boss, and friends are worried about me. Luckily at the end of this month I'm taking a week off to just relax a little bit, do some chores, and hopefully catch up with everything else. I do have some shoots scheduled but at least I will be well rested. After that in November and December I'm planning on doing very limited amount of shoots unless its paid and/or will add absolutely amazing shots to my portfolio. So if you want to do TF, please feel free to shoot me a message but also keep that in mind. I would like to hear your ideas or your feedback on any of mine.

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